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Benjamin Paul Bruce, or Ben Bruce, is basically the definition of perfect to a lot of Asking Alexandria fans. He created Asking Alexandria when he moved to dubai, then moved back to his hometown of Yorkshire, England. Where he restarted the band with his friend Danny Worsnop (lead singer of AA) along with Cameron Liddell (rhythem guitar) James Cassells (Drummer) and Sam Bettley (bass guitar). They then decided as a band to move to america, where they became successful. Ben Bruce was not only the creator of Asking Alexandria, but hes the guitarist and backup vocals. He also has the voice of an angel

Ben bruce

Hes so sexy C:


Born October 31, 1988 (25). He is about 5'11, long/poofy dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, two silver lip rings close together on the left side of his bottom lip, thin with some muscle definition, has tattoos on his chest, knees, elbows. he also has tattoo sleeves on both arms, usually wears tanktops or wife beaters with other band graphics, with jeans that are usually ripped on the knees, he usually wears simple sneakers, and a black beanie (hat).
Ben brucedddd

Ben Bruce playing his white guitar (he has two, A black with a white outline, and this white one)

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